To Ignite Passion for the Art of Writing

Writing, as a Process, Can Be Both Difficult and Intimidating

Our society—with its abundant supply of free-flowing information and communication—expects everyone to write. Today’s students must master all of the challenging rules of spelling, grammar, and punctuation not only to succeed in the 21st Century, but also simply to participate in this garrulous time of texts, blogs, Instant Messages and emails. Now, more than ever, writers must capture their ideas and intentions down with strong leads and compelling structures to forge work that holds our attention and flows logically.

With these high expectations, is it any wonder why some children struggle with writing in the classroom? The task confronting them is huge. And poor writing in our culture is rampant.

Today’s children need help. They need to be shown how to get their ideas down on paper (or screens), how to craft sentences, and how to edit their work to become proficient writers and communicators.

Kim LeBas

Kim grew up on a farm in rural New Zealand. He attended Teacher's Training College majoring in Physical Education/ Health, Sports Psychology and Mathematics. Kim has taught in public and private schools in New Zealand, Oregon, Colorado and New York during his twenty eight years of teaching.
Kim is a graduate of the Spacial Dynamics Institute's five-year In-service Training Program, and has Movement Therapy, Spacial Dynamics® Level III, and Bothmer Gymnastics® Certifications. Kim is passionate about movement education and helping individuals and groups to feel more connected to themselves and the space in which they live.
Kim runs a Spacial Dynamics® Level I training in Portland,OR, U.S.A. and a 3-year Spacial Dynamics® training in ZhengZhou, China.  He has worked part-time as a therapist at Integrated Rehabilitation with Dr. Kevin Kane D.O. for since 2008. Kim runs Healthy Movement courses with Dr. Liz Wallace, Naturopathic Physician. Kim has a private practice in Portland Oregon. Click here for more information.

Dale Basye

Dale Basye is an award-winning marketing communications writer, author, and creative strategist with twenty years of professional experience in both the advertising and journalistic arenas.

As a journalist, Dale was an Arts Editor and Film Critic for Portland’s award-winning weekly, Willamette Week (receiving awards for writing excellence), and published his own award-winning biweekly news and art publication, Tonic. As a copywriter, he worked on campaigns for Nike, Lucasfilm, adidas, Quaker, Visa, Nestle, Intel, Disney, Wells Fargo, Apple, Mattel, Microsoft, Dreamworks, and a host of other companies and organizations, with a focus on children’s and education initiatives.

Dale is also the author of the Circles of Heck series from Random House Children’s Books, who have so far published seven installments. Publishers Weekly called his first book “an uproarious send-up of all things purgatorial, with umpteen clever allusions that make this book truly sparkle.”